Kamala Harris tries to run from her record as a merciless prosecutor. Oh wait...

Kamala Harris's weak spot has always been her harsh, sleazy, Vishinsky-like record as prosecutor. She locked them up and threw away the key. She threw them in for smalltime pot offenses and then laughed about smoking pot herself, as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard pointed out in the last debate. Heck, she left them to rot there longer than their actual sentences in order to use them as cheap prison labor. She stood by phony testimony from verifiably dishonest prosecutors to keep the wrongly convicted in jail. Such a wonder woman. She packages her record as "Smart on Crime." Now that the fashion has changed and the latest orthodoxy on the left is to let 'em all out, she's right there touting her record as someone who helped the people she threw in jail for minor crimes. Except that, well, she reverted to form when she forgot the cameras were on her. Here's where she was about a recent case of a black rapper who found...(Read Full Post)
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