How whites became pariahs in academia

Likely you've never heard of Noel Ignatiev, yet he's been influential in much of what is going on in culture and politics today.  A left-wing Jewish American author and historian, Ignatiev has been one of the main voices in helping shape and direct what is commonly called "Whiteness Studies," a subset of Critical Race Theory, which is itself a subset of Critical Theory (basically Marxism by another name). Normally, when one sees the word "studies" attached to anything, it tends to make anyone not fully enamored of Progressive thought cringe, if not contemplate (metaphorically, at least) getting out the pitchforks and torches.  It means something steeped in a Marxist-tinged ideological understanding of the world, which casts victims and perpetrators within a power-play framework that suits its ultimate vision of a Heaven on Earth once the perpetrators are vanquished from the scene. As one might guess, in this particular iteration of...(Read Full Post)
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