For fake Indian Elizabeth Warren, only leftist lies matter

How cynical and pandering and contemptuous of facts is Elizabeth Warren?  This cynical, according to her own tweet commemorating the birth of Black Lives Matter: Warren is cynically repeating the false claim that a black criminal who attacked a white cop in Ferguson, Missouri five years ago was a victim, not a perpetrator. The cop was demonized and lost his job in the phony ruckus as the "Black Lives Matter" activism took root, while both a grand jury and the Obama administration's own Department of Justice, under the highly politicized Attorney General Eric Holder, found that the cop did nothing wrong for defending himself from a guy who was grabbing his gun and who wanted to kill him. What is she saying? That they should have falsely convicted him? We all know she knows the truth of the matter, and yet she spreads the phony lies put out by activists with an interest in keeping the fires of controversy burning. This tweet by Fox...(Read Full Post)
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