Asylum sob-story Lady Frijoles is off the hook for assault charges and partying hearty back in Honduras

The press, in San Diego, at least, is making a big deal about a Honduran migrant who as part of the "remain in Mexico" program has won asylum in the U.S., while the U.S., wickedly enough, wants to appeal that ruling.  Here's the local NPR affiliate, KPBS's report: He was one of the first asylum-seekers sent back to Mexico under the Trump Administration's policy. Now, Barnard said, after waiting in Mexico for six months for his court date, Alec may be the first under that policy to be granted refugee-status by an American immigration judge. "We thought after waiting six months, after filing hundreds of pages of evidence to support his claim, and spending hours in court yesterday testifying, and the judge granting him protection, that his fight would be over," Barnard said. Instead, after the judge's decision, a lawyer from the Department of Homeland Security announced that Alec would be taken back into Customs...(Read Full Post)
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