Why I don't vote for Democrats

Last week, a friend of mine offered that he thought that I was so ideologically bound to classical liberalism (i.e., conservativism) that I would never vote for a Democrat. Because he meant it as an insult — as in "you are so invested in your ideology that you can't even hear another side" — it bothered me, and that caused me to think about why I oppose progressive Democrats. What I realized was that some of my opposition is, in fact, ideological — but the majority share of my current opposition is simply practical. Democrats claim to offer a few things — this list isn't exhaustive, but it covers the big ones.  Dems say, "We love the Constitution and can be trusted to make and apply laws sensibly.  We know what equality is and can get it for you, and you can trust us: we are logical and reasonable." So I took a few minutes to break down my own thoughts about these statements to see if my decisions were...(Read Full Post)
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