Time for Democrats to give up on the impeachment thing

Maybe Speaker Pelosi is the happiest woman in Washington.  She can remind the "impeach Democrats" that impeachment won't get to first base.  Maybe she can, but the "squad" will be hard to discipline. The Mueller presentation turned out to be a bust for those invested in impeachment, as Jenniffer Van Laar pointed out: To be sure, since the Democrats now control the House they had to do something to force Mueller to testify. The Squad and the Justice Democrats wing of the party forced that course of action. Now, they essentially must press forward on impeachment since the Mueller Report punted to Congress. If they don’t press forward on impeachment, they’re essentially admitting they know that everything they’ve said for the past two and a half years is b-------. With a number of Dems in swing districts unable to vote for impeachment, even that will likely fail, and will only make the shriekers look even more...(Read Full Post)
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