The Ugly Americans of soccer

In 1958, Eugene Burdick and William Lederer published The Ugly American.  The book was written to expose the failure of U.S. diplomatic personnel in Southeast Asia.  The American diplomatic corps were boorishly indifferent to local language, customs, and culture.  The book caused quite a stir in the waning days of Eisenhower's administration, and Kennedy used it as springboard to launch the Peace Corps. In one scene, a Burmese journalist says, "For some reason, the [American] people I meet in my country are not the same as the ones I knew in the United States.  A mysterious change seems to come over Americans when they go to a foreign land.  They isolate themselves socially.  They live pretentiously.  They are loud and ostentatious." They are loud and ostentatious. Hmm...does this ring a postmodern bell? Somewhere in France today, a group of ugly American female soccer players are...(Read Full Post)
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