BBC greets new PM Boris Johnson with an effort to panic the public on global warming

The British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC, has been captured by the Left and is operating as a propaganda organ. It greeted the brand new Prime Minister Boris Johnson with an appalling, laughable broadside intended to pressure him to panic over the alleged threat of global warming or climate change or climate crisis, or whatever new label they come up with as justification for a draconian restructuring of the economy with the governments in charge of all energy-consuming activity – in other words, the entire economy. The headline on the long article tells the story: Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months Eighteen months to live, almost like a cancer diagnosis. Clearly, everything must change and right away. The BBC follows the lead and cites Prince Charles, who chose 18 months as his deadline ten days ago.  This was a new figure for the heir to the throne, whose deadline has ranged up to 35 years, or 96 months and now 18...(Read Full Post)
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