Baltimore: Charm City gone terribly wrong

As a black man who grew up in Baltimore, I am delighted that President Trump had the courage to shine the national spotlight on the failed Democrat-controlled city.  Baltimore is a mess, as is every city infected with Democrats' extreme leftist ideology. In response to Trump's tweet exposing the moral sickness of Baltimore, Democrats and their fake news media buddies are scrambling for cover, like roaches when someone turns on the light.  In typical fashion, leftists think they can silence Trump with bogus accusations of racism.  Thankfully, that crap does not work on Trump.  It energizes him to triple down on spreading the truth. Democrats and fake news media repeatedly use their tactic of shouting "racist" at anyone who dares to tell the truth about their failed exploitative policies.  Bill O'Reilly was ripped to shreds by leftists for his compassionate talking points memo in which he addressed issues...(Read Full Post)
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