You've already lost the immigration battle if you say this

Conditioned responses are funny things.  One of them, the statement that they're "probably all nice people" — oft used when discussing illegal migrants — is also a dangerous thing. That very line was uttered, reflexively, by Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson Monday night while discussing how one percent of Guatemalans have left for our country in just the last year.  It's a qualifier reflecting that one has been put on the defensive — in a losing position. No, this isn't an attack on Carlson, who's the best mainstream cable news and commentary host in the business.  Rather, it's a cautionary tale: that an intrepid culture warrior such as Carlson can be conditioned to behave defensively — when he should be unabashedly taking the offense (the best defense) — speaks volumes about the effectiveness of leftist conditioning. The quoted statement is illogical.  No large group contains...(Read Full Post)
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