Waiting in the wings for SCOTUS: Ruling in Illinois case that invalidated state's Firearms Owner's Identity card requirement

Up until now, there has been little to no national attention paid to a judge's ruling in White County, Illinois that voided the state's requirement that firearms-owners obtain a state-issued Firearms Owner's Identity Card (FOID) in order to legally own a firearm kept in the home.  The case is now headed for the Illinois Supreme Court, and Second Amendment Civil Rights advocates hope the case will end up before the Supreme Court of the United States. Greg Bishop of the Illinois Radio Network reports: Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard Pearson said the case out of White County involved a disabled woman who had a single-shot .22 caliber rifle. "The judge in White County said the FOID card is unconstitutional in the home," Pearson said. "So that's where we stand today and the state of Illinois doesn't agree to that." Vivian Claudine Brown of Carmi did not have a criminal record and would have...(Read Full Post)
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