Trump tells Sean Hannity DOJ investigating whether his own phone calls were tapped during 2016 campaign

Last night, during a wide-ranging interview with Sean Hannity (video of the full interview is embedded below), President Trump dropped a bombshell, telling the Fox News host that the DOJ is investigating whether his own phone calls were monitored during the presidential campaign. "The fact is, they were spying on my campaign, using intelligence agencies to do it. ... We're trying to figure out whether they listened to my calls. That would be the ultimate. We'll see what happens. If that happens, we'll probably find out. If they spied on my campaign, and they may have, it will be one of the great revelations in history of this country. It will be very interesting. I think we're gonna find out." YouTube screen grab. If this is found to be the case, the public finally will start to grasp the magnitude of the scandal of weaponizing federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to spy on a rival political campaign — "one of the...(Read Full Post)
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