Trump opens his 2020 campaign: Keep America Great!

Donald Trump demonstrated his ability to hold a crowd for about one hour and twenty minutes.  His skill at branding gave him ample opportunity to involve the audience, which approved of his new theme, "Keep America Great."  Trump listed some of the many accomplishments during his first two and a half years in office.  He spent significant time discussing the fraudulent collusion investigation and how it has divided the country.  Despite this effort and the continued attacks in the Democratic House, he has managed to execute his office when others would have been stymied.  About one hundred twenty thousand people applied for tickets to the Trump rally in Orlando, Fla.  On Monday, by contrast, only 18 people showed up to see Congressman Eric Swalwell of California.  Former vice president Joe Biden cannot fill a small room for his talks.  Biden has raised $20 million, which leads all Democrats in the...(Read Full Post)
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