Time for Cuba's communists to pay our parents back

In the interest of full disclosure, our family lost a home that was under construction.  The house was never built, but we had chosen the location.  I still remember my uncle, an architect, talking to my mother about the location of the windows.  He was advising her to take advantage of the breeze that always flowed in Cuba. My parents have no interest in claiming the ground.  They were just happy that the three of us got to grow up in freedom. Many of my friends did lose their properties and got no compensation for them. I know a Cuban woman whose family ranch was confiscated by soldiers who showed up and threw the family from the grounds at gunpoint.  Sadly, the ranch had been in the family for a century and raised cattle for domestic beef consumption.  My guess is that the cows are dead and the place is another unproductive piece of Cuban land. It gives me pleasure, and a sense of justice, that some people are going to court to challenge...(Read Full Post)
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