The thought police came for Kyle Kashuv first

Kyle Kashuv, the young conservative activist and Second Amendment advocate, announced that Harvard University rescinded his admissions acceptance after the media broadcast the content of some old posts in which Kashuv used a "bad word."  Kashuv's word descended from the Latin root for "black," and he thus stands accused of the Ultimate Sin against the State Religion: "racism."  How might Kashuv or any free-thinking Americans defend themselves from these modern inquisitors? Kashuv's explanatory letter requested by the Harvard Admissions Committee reminded me of the style of document that the Chinese or North Koreans demanded from inmates in their re-education camps, bearing all the marks of self-criticism and disavowal of one's younger self.  Who ever said "it can't happen here in the United States of America"? Coloring in the context surrounding his remarks, Kashuv admits in his letter that the...(Read Full Post)
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