The Right to donuts?

I think we can all agree in a bipartisan fit of collegiality that each of us has the right to consume as many donuts as we want. "My body, my choice" isn't specific to women's health, so called. And the right to donuts is inarguably gender agnostic. Biological males cannot get pregnant, but anyone can eat a donut. Don't confuse the non-constitutional right to donuts with those weakling constitutionally-based rights like gun ownership or freedom to practice your religion. No, any donut deniers are bigots who are against human health. This is why government must start providing each of us a stipend for buying donuts. Or free donuts. One shouldn't have to be refused donuts simply because they can't afford them. Donut shop owners are greedy capitalists but that means they'll sell donuts to anyone. I'm confident Big Donut will support our cause. Photo credit: Max Pixel I realize the government doesn't buy guns for anyone, or build...(Read Full Post)
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