The Left does not hate Trump, it hates…

The Left hates many things, and Trump, the person, is not even one of them.  Leftists loved Trump when he was one of them.  The Left loved the Hollywood Trump as he starred in The Apprentice and was firing people left and right.  They loved the Trump who donated to Hillary and other leftist politicians.  The Left loved the billionaire and playboy Trump. So what does the Left hate? The Left hates many things, including what Trump stands for. Trump stands for making America great.  The Left seems to hate the prosperity (possibly use the Wall Street protests) that the United States has brought to so many people, not only here in America, but around the world.  They appear to hate America because it has a fair and just court system not controlled by the rich and powerful (comparatively to most other countries).  They talk as though they hate America because it polices the world,...(Read Full Post)
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