The Feds, tech, and accountability

I've had some actions with federal law enforcement, and...let's just say they were "enlightening."  Not being disrespectful at all, but after these interactions, my, for lack of a better term, "idol worship" of the feds ended. The FBI, ATF, etc. are like any other law enforcement agency, with a larger budget and a different focus.  Like local and state cops, they have their strengths and weaknesses.  Of their personnel, I'd say 2–5% of them walk on water and swim on land — they are that good.  And 2–5% should not be outside the house without adult supervision.  The remaining 90%, more or less, are varying degrees of positives and negatives, trying to do the job as best as they can. I found this interesting, because it was "da feds," and Barack Obama, and his "hand-picked" A.G.s, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, who demanded that local cops have Body Worn...(Read Full Post)
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