Spit on Trump's son, pass GoFundMe, and collect $5,000

While in deep blue Democratic Chicago last weekend, Eric Trump, son of President Donald J. Trump (R), dined in an upscale, highly acclaimed, trendy Chicago restaurant and bar.  In the course of the evening, a waitress, although undoubtedly trained in customer service, could not overcome the liberal mindset and behavior patterns of non-inclusiveness, intolerance, and harsh physical action against the opposition.  She spat on Trump.  Being the gentleman he is, Trump declined to press charges, although the police encouraged him to do so. The waitress was suspended, meaning she just might return to her old job once the publicity has disappeared.  Therefore, according to liberal thinking, the suspended waitress is a victim of Republican intolerance, a martyr of Republican narrow-mindedness, and a survivor of wealthy Republican greed.  Also a brave "young badass" who must be helped.  So a friend set up a GoFundMe site, whining in best...(Read Full Post)
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