Sick: Venezuela's thug regime broke into synagogues and stole 'lists' of Jews

Most watchers of Venezuela know that anti-Semitism has been a problem for years.  Now Maria Corina Machado, Venezuela's most credible opposition leader, has made a stunning revelation in an interview with Ha'aretz: “There is a deep anti-Semitism campaign whose source is Chavez,” she explains, referring to the 2009 attack in which Caracas’ Tiferet Israel synagogue was desecrated and damaged, among other things, by graffiti reading “Jews out.” "Lists of names of synagogue members were stolen in order to chase down members of the Jewish community. I have many friends who were chased out, attacked and threatened," Machado says. “Anti-Semitism was the main reason that’s caused members of the Jewish community to leave, because of the attack on the synagogue, on Jewish-owned businesses and the regime’s expropriation of factories owned by Jews. We’ve had a complete religious exodus. The religion...(Read Full Post)
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