'Russian Collusion': Time to stop

There are several aspects of the ongoing Democratic addiction to the Trump-Russia collusion fixation that must be understood: Anyone who has been paying attention knows that the Russians have interfered with elections in democratic countries for decades.  While their efforts will inevitably help one candidate at the expense of another, that is not their goal.  Rather, they seek to undercut confidence in the electoral process and thus undermine the cohesion of democratic societies.  Being their "choice" is not a compliment; it means they believe that your election will help them attain their goals.  It is very unlikely that 2016 was the first time they did so in the United States, but we have had no calls for an investigation of any role they may have played in the election of Barack Obama.  The techniques for interfering have undoubtedly improved over time; social media have become an important tool, and of course, Obama made social media an...(Read Full Post)
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