NYT busted twice for fake news this weekend

The “fake news” label for the New York Times is far more accurate and damaging to it than President Trump’s habitual label of “failing New York Times.” For one thing, there’s a genuine market niche for Trump hatred that has allowed the paper to expand its digital subscription roll and earn some real money. But the New York Times is failing at its original mission of being a trustworthy newspaper.  The paper continues to sacrifice its credibility on the altar of “the narrative” – the leftist dogma that Donald Trump is: racist, sexist, homophobic, antisemitic, stupid, crude, vulgar, unpopular, dangerous, and any other negative human characteristic you could imagine. That shrinking credibility is the Achilles Heel. Once people start dismissing anti-Trump news from the Times as risible because they know the paper has no scruples, its power is gone. And with each busted fake news story from the Times, that credibility declines a...(Read Full Post)
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