New York Times publishes detailed recommendations about how to doxx Border Patrol agents

Would the New York Times publish the precise instructions for making bombs, the way Bill "I don't think we did enough" did it? So far, no. But they might as well, given that they have published an unhinged op-ed recommending in precise detail the illegal doxxing of Border Patrol agents, their middle managers, the money-starved detention center operators and any business that might supply them for fair consideration. It's quite a change, because up until now, they haven't even revealed the identities of U.S. spies or rape victims. But anyone trying to enforce the U.S. border law has become fair game. Look at the demonic rationale for doxxing and harassing U.S. lawmen performing their lawfully mandated and perfectly legal mission of border control, coming from this Times op-ed, by Kate Cronin-Furman, a far-leftist who identifies herself on her Twitter page as a "mass atrocity scholar and former human rights lawyer," two...(Read Full Post)
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