Los Angeles learns it can have all the homelessness it wants to pay for

As homelessness explodes in America's blue cities, something's getting harder to harder to hide now: the curious rise of homelessness spending, which, counter-intuitively, seems to be making the homelessness problem worse. In Los Angeles, it's getting pretty bad, according to Time magazine. Homelessness in the city of Los Angeles has increased an estimated 16% since 2018, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), an agency that oversees government funds for homeless services in Los Angeles County. LAHSA also reported an estimated 12% increase in homelessness since last year in Los Angeles County. In a place as big as Los Angeles, that's tens of thousands of people, as the article notes.  Here's the thing, though: The uptick comes two years into a local 10-year initiative to aid people in need, which includes investments of about $355 million annually, along with a $1.2 billion...(Read Full Post)
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