Likely voters say 'hell, no' to Democrats' free health care for illegals: Rasmussen

It would seem to be a no-brainer that free health care for people who've broken into our country with no vetting wouldn't be a popular idea.  Free health insurance for MS-13, human-smuggling cartels, and everyone else who makes it across?  Step right up.  All Democrats on Thursday night's debate stage raised their hands together for it. And, well, a Rasmussen poll now shows what the public thinks of that spectacle.  According to Breitbart News: About 5-in-9 likely U.S. voters oppose proving free health care to illegal aliens that American taxpayers pay for, a poll this month finds. A Rasmussen Reports survey this month asked 1,000 likely U.S. voters their opinions on the sanctuary state of California's latest law that provides full health care benefits to low-income illegal aliens who are under the age of 26-years-old. About 55 percent, or 5-in-9, likely U.S. voters overall said they opposed...(Read Full Post)
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