Life on the run

Jogging for a good, hard 35-minutes around my neighborhood in southeastern Jerusalem is no different than dropping acid, except for the hallucinations, flashbacks and induced schizophrenia. Running simplifies life as it clarifies thought, dousing everyday trivialities in strong, bright colors whose pleasing afterglow continues for hours. There’s not much more to running than putting one foot after the other, heel-toe, heel-toe. But these steps, run in a pair of worn-out L.A. Gear sneakers, create the mental callouses I need to weather life’s little tempests. When I begin my run, on the corner of Derech Hevron and David Remez near the Jerusalem Cinematheque, fatherhood feels like boot camp for the soul. Being a patient, supportive, understanding husband and father requires me to access emotional reserves that I don’t come by naturally. Panorama of Jerusalem (via Pixabay) But Jerusalem is a city built on a plateau in the Judean Mountains. I run up five...(Read Full Post)
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