Lessons to learn from Kyle Kashuv, the 2nd Amendment–supporting Parkland survivor

Recently, one Mr. Kyle Kashuv of Parkland infamy had his admission most unceremoniously rescinded from Harvard by its admission committee, which acted under its own weight and under additional pressure from a concerned citizenry (read: political enemies from both the Left and the right).  This was the climax of an incident that began with the unearthing of certain disreputable and highly inflammatory comments made during Kashuv's secondary school days.  Mr. Kashuv had already for some time before this been taking quite damaging shrapnel from his fellow conservatives, particularly from fellow right-wing wunderkind Mr. C.J. Pearson.  Finally, Harvard took it upon itself to deliver the coup de grâce. Now, it is obvious that this was the result of certain political machinations, as Harvard, along with all other institutions of higher learning, seeks only the merest pretense to take part in the great societal struggle against conservatism and by...(Read Full Post)
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