It's time to remake the out-of-control EPA

Earlier this year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's purported "top climate change expert" and the agency's highest paid employee, John C. Beale, was arrested and convicted of fraud.  Turns out that while at EPA, Beale pretended to also work for the CIA and for years had wasted his official employment time while loafing around his house in his underwear.  Taxpayers are mad about Beale's theft of their money, and "climate change" advocates are humiliated, because Beale's purported knowledge and expertise about this made-up subject was also similarly made up.  Beale was an expert at lying; that is it. I am not surprised about the Beale scandal, because I worked at the U.S. EPA for seven years, from 1991 to 1998, as a GS-13 policy and legislative staffer.  With some exceptions, what I saw there among many other staff was consistent with Beale's behavior. After studying nascent environmental...(Read Full Post)
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