Incredible hypocrisy as Democrats demand Trump be arrested once he leaves office

Elections are no longer just an advanced auction of stolen goods, as Mencken so gnomically put it.  They're now advanced cases of court remand. The Trump campaign's winning strapline may have been "build the wall," but it was the stadium-friendly chant of "lock her up," in reference to Hillary Clinton's skirting of the law, that really kindled supporters' excitement. At the time, the half-joking incantation of incarceration at Trump rallies was seen as an existential threat to democracy, the Constitution, baseball, apple pie, and the red-white-and-blue bunting your mother drapes over the porch balustrade every Fourth of July. The late Charles Krauthammer decried the threat of bringing Clinton under the remit of the law for her illegal email practices.  "Such incendiary talk is an affront to elementary democratic decency and a breach of the boundaries of American political discourse."  You know an...(Read Full Post)
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