Global warming fanatics hijack Vermont tax-funded parade, government approves

On June 8, Brattleboro, Vermont hosted its annual celebration of local agriculture, the "Strolling of the Heifers" Parade.  But this year, a small group of climate change protesters obstructed the parade for about fifteen minutes, refusing to disperse.  Two of the youngsters were carried off the roadway on backboards by authorities.  No arrests were made. This seemingly innocuous event contrasts sharply with Middlebury College students' violent ouster of speaker Charles Murray in 2017, and more recently of Rhyszard Legutko, a writer and European parliamentary minister whose scheduled appearance was canceled over safety concerns.  In Murray's case, students criminally prevented a scheduled speaker from addressing attendees; some were charged.  At the Brattleboro Heifer Stroll, a group of students disrupted a public event, were praised for it by Vermont's lieutenant governor, were allowed to dominate the event...(Read Full Post)
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