Former Obama official fails to diminish Trump

In a typical left-wing-biased opinion piece, heavily peppered with “progressive” arrogance, former Obama National Security Council official DJ Rosenthal makes some blanket observations regarding erstwhile U.S. presidents. He surmises that “past Presidents advanced American interests and inspired the world by wielding both formal constitutional powers, as well as the authority granted by foreign leaders who accepted their statements as US policy.” In an attempt to prove his point, Rosenthal references some examples involving Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and Richard Nixon (amazing from a liberal, albeit anything goes to throw some dirt on Trump), but carefully avoided mentioning his former boss Barack Obama, notorious for embarrassing his countrymen by constantly apologizing and sucking up to Muslim counties and hanging the blame on  his homeland while addressing the eagerly receiving UN audience. Unfortunately for CNN and Rosenthal,...(Read Full Post)
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