Florida attorney with history of controversial ties runs for office

The founder of a national organization devoted to recruiting Muslim candidates is running for office himself in Coral Springs, Florida.  It remains to be seen whether an alleged history of links to terror-tied groups will impact his candidacy. Attorney Khurrim Wahid is competing for the June 18 election for Coral Springs City Commission Seat 2.  Wahid is the the founder of Emgage (originally named EmergeUSA), an organization that promotes Muslim candidates running for office that got its start raising funds for the election of former congressman Keith Ellison.  Wahid has already unsurprisingly received the endorsement of EmgagePAC.  Before creating Emgage, Wahid served as legal adviser for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and as director of CAIR Florida.  CAIR was subsequently labeled a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates.  During the 2008 Holy Land Foundation Trial,...(Read Full Post)
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