E. Jean Carroll's fluttering pulse

During an interview on CNN, E. Jean Carroll said most people think rape is "sexy."  "They think of the fantasies," said she.  Interviewer Anderson Cooper quickly cut to an ad. Carroll accused President Trump of raping her a long time ago in a department store dressing room.  Trump denies ever having anything to do with E. Jean, but putting the two thoughts together comes out as Trump giving her what she secretly wanted. This line of thought opens a real can of worms for the man-haters.  What if he actually did rape her?  If she wanted it, was it really rape?  Or if she wanted it rough, or wanted it to seem rough or rapish?  You know — rape-rape (hat tip: Whoopi).  Or just wanted it tawdry, like in a department store dressing room? This puts her in the delicious position of being able to claim she didn't want it even when she...(Read Full Post)
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