Donate a buck, keep Marianne Williamson on the Democrats’ debate stage

There’s no telling what New Age goofball Marianne Williamson will say next... if she meets the cut for the next Democrat presidential debate in Detroit at the end of July.  Whatever words escape her lips, they are unlikely to persuade the swing voters that Democrats need to win the presidency to support the Donkeys taking over the reins of government. But Marianne needs to qualify for the debate: The candidates must meet one of two criteria to participate: registering at least 1% support in three polls, or getting donations from 65,000 people (and those have to somewhat spread out, with a minimum of 200 donors in at least 20 states). YouTube screen grab That’s why I just donated the princely sum of $1 to her campaign. You can, too. If about half of those reading AT today were to match me, Marianne is a lock to grace the stage on Detroit, and further muddy the image of the Democrats.(Read Full Post)
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