Democrat debates show whom the party cares about least

The first Democratic primary debates didn't alter the standings in the crowded pack, but they did reveal one thing.  It's no longer a question of whose interests the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson now serve.  Here's a Hegelian hint: the antithesis of the lumpenproletariat.  Actually, it's broader than that.  Democrats aren't courting a blinkered precariat uninterested in hot-button issues like unisex bathrooms for the transgendered.  Democrats aren't even running to recapture the vast middle class, the people George Eliot praised as living "faithfully a hidden life." No, the liberal party appears to have given up on the working class and is concentrating its efforts on solidifying its hold on urban professionals, advanced degree–holders, and SAG-AFTRA members.  American elites, to put it squarely, are the Democrats' go-to constituency.  (The one...(Read Full Post)
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