Corruption and the intel community

Corruption within the Intelligence Community is not being dealt with effectively. House intelligence chairman Adam Schiff has demanded that the director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, and CIA director Gina Haspel keep him informed if Attorney General William Barr declassifies any documents pertaining to the Russia investigation over their objections.  Schiff is concerned that President Trump is "perniciously" seeking to "politicize the [Intelligence Community] and law enforcement, to delegitimize the well-founded investigation into the President, and to attack the President's political enemies." Schiff wrote, "if it gets to a point they are asked to do things that are unlawful or jeopardize the men and women that work within the [Intelligence Community], they should speak out." The leadership of the FBI has been thoroughly politicized and is to a great extent corrupt.  It is unnecessary to recount the times...(Read Full Post)
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