Communism creeps in on cat's feet

In all honesty, today's so-called "democratic socialists" ("Demsocs" in Orwellian newspeak) are not communists — yet.  In the American states, where progressivism is trying to soft-sell socialism to the masses as the next big thing, they are focusing only on the "give" side of the "give and take" aspect of the various iterations of collectivist ideology. Democratic socialists at 2011 Occupy Wall Street demonstration. Photo credit: David Shankbone. Rather than engage in the foment of a violent, transformative revolution, the "Demsocs" are trying to buy their way into America using other people's money — promising to literally make everything free, as if funding were always limitless.  Although some, like Bernie Sanders, are softly using the word "revolution," we are beginning to hear the call for the violent variations now — as when newly elected Candi CdeBaca, the Demsoc...(Read Full Post)
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