China's food supply imperiled

China's food supply is being imperiled as new reports warn that up to 50 percent of China's 440 million pigs are now at risk from African Swine Fever infection. The South China Morning Post reported that Chairman Chan Kin Yip of the Federation of Hong Kong Agricultural Associations claimed that Chinese mainland pig farmers told him African Swine Fever has spread to 30 percent of mainland pigs, while another Hong Kong pig farmer based in China told Yip the exposure rate is as high as 50 percent. With $23.8 billion of agricultural imports from the U.S. in 2017, retaliatory tariffs directly aimed at President Trump's rural voter base were expected to be China's hammer to bludgeon the U.S. into abandoning its trade war.  Accounting for 17 percent of U.S. agricultural exports, Chinese customers were number one in soybeans, number two in pork and hay, number three in dairy and poultry, number four in beef, and number...(Read Full Post)
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