Capitolism: The defining issue of the 2020 elections

This presidential election, if Democrats have their way, will be about the  divide between the "rich" and the "poor," the exploiters and the exploited, the powerful and the powerless — the whole familiar and failed idea that Americans are divided by classes and that the champions of the poor are always right. There is a vast chasm in America today — that is true enough — but America is not divided by class, but rather by geography, by physical proximity to power.  The real problem in America is not capitalism, but capitolism, the limitless unchecked power in Washington and the rest of the Beltway (that tiny sliver of America composed of those states running along the East Coast from Washington to Boston — and the California coastline) and the rest of America. Lurking behind this divide is the nauseating stench of gleeful bigotry by the geographically empowered towards the geographically disempowered.  In...(Read Full Post)
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