Can the Arab world ever fix its politics?

With its endless wars, crises, massacres, and turmoil, the Middle East is seen as hopeless geography today.  It was much better than this throughout the 20th century, but it had never been so hopeless, exhausted, and desperate.  There is no more new ideas, projects, or emotions that motivate and energize Arab street around itself.  Instead, the region expects a solution from outside, some from the West some from Russia. But this is not always the case.  Despite its massive problems and failures, Arab politics was much more dynamic, active and ambitious in the last century until the Arab Spring. After World War I, when Arab states popped up following the dissolution of Ottoman Empire, Arab politics developed two main ideologies able to transcend all "artificial" borders, with the potential to unite all Arabs against Western colonialism: Arab nationalism and political Islamism.  These two ideologies were promising solutions...(Read Full Post)
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