Biggest lie? Terrorizing children with climate change scenarios

Nancy Pelosi shamelessly accuses President Trump of "scaring the children" with talk of deporting illegal migrants who have committed crimes, received due process, and evaded deportation orders.  Pelosi is infamous for using children as pawns in her gutter politics.  Her party has been using migrant children as tools in their vicious game of border politics since the day Trump was elected. Up until then, they all claimed to favor border security.  That changed on a dime on November 8, 2016.  From that day forward, there have been no limits on how low they will go; children are absolutely indispensable in their plan to destroy Trump by any means available.  The hoax of man-caused climate change is one of their principal schemes to frighten the youngest among us into abject servants of the state.  So what if it destroys their hopes of a future, family or any comforts of home and freedom!  Those of...(Read Full Post)
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