Bernie Sanders’s student loan forgiveness a boon to the rich and advantaged

Since 1958, the federal government has progressively involved itself deeper and deeper into the business of making loans for college education, eventually taking over the business entirely in 2010. Colleges saw this pot of gold and raised their costs much faster than inflation. As college costs went up rapidly, government just kept throwing a greater amount of money at them.  (source) Academia knew that government would subsidize them so there were few budget constraints.  (Politicians and bureaucrats have never had concern about costs. After all, they have greatly enriched themselves over the years. Borrowing and higher taxes were always the cure) Now that student debt is up to $1.6 trillion, Democrats have a solution. More taxes and more government spending. Isn't that a new idea and progressive? Kids who graduate from college make more than kids who don't and the solution by Democrats is to give a huge gift to those who make more?...(Read Full Post)
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