Another schoolteacher abuses his authority and his kids

It's bad enough when it happens once, but when yet another elementary school teacher takes it upon himself to manipulate, intimidate, and confuse children as young as five, it's time for school board members, principals, teachers, and their union representatives, as well as parents, to sit down and agree upon what exactly is age-appropriate material for discussion in the classroom and what is not. Mark Vince Busenbark is employed in the Madison, Wis. school district as a K–5 science teacher.  Without the consent, knowledge, or permission of parents, he not only claimed he's female, but presented a video and read a book about transgenderism in his "science" classes.  Understandably, there are frightened and confused children at Frank Allis Elementary school in Madison, there are also outraged parents, and district administrators are unwilling to answer for the unwarranted actions of a school district employee.  Almost three...(Read Full Post)
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