The spoiled 'protected group' brats of America

On Wednesday, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) asked Derek Slater, Google global director of information policy, about a Project Veritas video in which Google referred to Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, and Dennis Prager as "Nazis."  That may sound like hate speech that could incite violence, but... Crenshaw: Google, can you give me a definition of hate speech? Slater: Yes. So hate speech again, as updated in our guidelines now extends to, uh, uh, superiority over protected groups to justify discrimination, violence, and so on based on, uh, a number of defining characteristics, whether that's a race, sexual orientation, veteran status. Liberal Democrats have steered us so far away from the essence of American egalitarianism that no one cringes at the words "protected groups." The very phrase suggests that certain groups are not protected.  You and I can easily identify the protected classes; non-Caucasians, illegal aliens,...(Read Full Post)
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