Omar blames America first on migrant illegal border crossing deaths

Rep. Ilhan Omar is at it again, blaming America first for migrant deaths in custody, with massive hypocrisy and hyperbole. Via GatewayPundit, here is her tweet:   How many more children must die before we address the atrocities our country is committing at our southern border? — Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) May 23, 2019   Her remarks follow those of another leftist extremist in Congress, Democratic Rep. Lauren Underwood of Illinois. Atrocities? Seriously? The U.S. is commiting atrocities because these illegal border crossers abusing our asylum system have just kind of ... floated in here against their will and some have died in U.S. custody? We have a hundred thousand migrants rolling in, all of them unvetted, and all of them are in perfect health, at least until the Border Patrol got involved? And the Border Patrol is commiting 'atrocities'? Nobody brought a sick kid or subjected their children to harsh desert...(Read Full Post)
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