Looks like India's Modi getting same fake-news treatment Trump gets on minorities

India's conservative-populist President Narendra Modi won a big re-election victory this past week and the press is doing a number on him: Forecast correct, they're yelling racism. Get a load of some of these doomsday headlines: India’s Muslims quiver in the new dawn of an emboldened Narendra Modi -The Guardian How Narendra Modi Seduced India With Envy and Hate -Op-Ed, New York Times A Modi Victory Puts India’s 200 Million Muslims in Danger -The Nation Modi’s India is a living nightmare for Muslims -Op-Ed Washington Post  Modi’s party stokes anti-Muslim violence in India, report says -South China Morning Post Now, I don't have facts and figures on how many Muslims voted for Modi, but those headlines set off a red flag. They have a familiar ring. Living nightmare? Stokes violence? Where have we read that sort of thing before? Meanwhile, here's the sort of thing seen on Twitter...(Read Full Post)
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