Is diversity strength?

Diversity is defined as something composed of different elements.  In sociological and political terms, it means the inclusion of people of different races, cultures, religions, and economic background into a group or organization.  The politically correct party line is that this inclusion, often forced by quotas and government mandates, makes the organization stronger.  But does it?  Is diversity strength?  It depends.  It depends upon the degree in which it is done and whether or not brute force is used to make it happen. An analogy can be drawn from Eco 101.  If labor is used to make a product, when a unit of capital is added to the process, the output increases.  As you add successive units of capital, the output increases but at a lower rate.  Eventually, a point of maximum output is reached, after which the addition of more capital leads to lower output.  This is the area of...(Read Full Post)
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