Dems' downfall: People care more about the economy than social-justice wokeness

The Democrats running for president in 2020 seem to be all in on their devotion to social justice, which is at best an ill defined topic but seems mostly to consist of redistributing the wealth of white males.  I have yet to hear of anyone suggesting that Oprah's money should be taken away and given to those who have nothing.  It seems there is a lot of energy put into finding ways to abuse white men for any imagined deficiency in the world, and then to agitate for punishing them. I grew up thinking people were all people, and any of them, regardless of race, could be virtuous or vile.  Integrity is not limited to one race or denied to any race, or ethnicity, or sex, ad nauseam.  In most cases, it has always seemed to me that virtue and its opposite are a matter of choice.  Some choices support and improve society, while others do the opposite.  The former correlate with virtue, and the latter do not. But there is a...(Read Full Post)
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