90% of Venezuelans want a U.S. Marine invasion?

In a poll suggesting that U.S. Marines would be welcomed by Venezuelans the way nearby Grenadians welcomed them in 1983, the Meganalisis pollsters said that 89.5% of Venezuelans would support a foreign military invasion to end Nicolas Maduro's socialist dictatorship. Breitbart has the story here: An overwhelming majority of Venezuelans would support a foreign military intervention to oust socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro and believe that the rogue regimes in Russia and Cuba have colonized their country, the national polling firm Meganálisis found in a survey published Monday. Asked if the federal legislature, the National Assembly, should authorize foreign military missions in the country, 89.5 percent of Venezuelans said yes. Another 91.2 percent said they did not believe it was possible for Venezuelans to remove Maduro without foreign military intervention. About 88 percent said they did not trust the nation’s armed...(Read Full Post)
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