Is 'Easter' a dirty word to Earth Day–touting Google?

Is there anything more obnoxious than Google making its choice of doodle topics?  Is there anything that reveals the company's values more? When you go to the Google home page today, you can see that the people working there have got an elaborate doodle, celebrating Earth Day, a made-up holiday serving leftists and their global warming agenda.  They even wanted to make sure you knew what they had in mind, because the animation is a charming video about assorted wonders of nature, so they add an exhortation at the bottom for us to make 'small changes' for the environment.  Bah.  We will when you will, and you won't, so never mind.  Drop the private jets to Bali, pals, and do as Ocasio-Cortez says and take rail. Now let's have a look at what they didn't bother to do a doodle about, as noticed by Jack Posobiec yesterday: Google homepage today — Jack Posobiec ✝️...(Read Full Post)
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